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Science and Technology: Global population growth will not be halted by birth control

The whole government mandated birth control debacle in the United States has brought birth control back to the center stage in the global debate. Unfortunately for the debate, neither side argues from a position of holistic facts, but I think the pro-birth control group gets it more wrong than the other. For example, this Treehugger […] Continue reading

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Art: Make STEM into STEAM to bring the soul back into the modern world

Jerry Isdale has an interesting write-up over at the Adafruit weblog where he makes the case for adding art back into the mix of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs. I heartily agree. To me, one of the things … Continue reading Continue reading

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Farming: Could “earthing” help us rebalance our charged modern lives?

I’m usually skeptical of the claims of most “naturalistic” cures for things, not because I don’t believe they can work, but because history demonstrates they’re no more of a panacea than modern medicine. Yet, there are some concepts that are so logical and contain such an element of historical veracity that I can’t help but […] Continue reading

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Farming: Back to the start

This is what we’re doing here at Innisfree Farm. Thank you Chipotle for supporting what farmers like us are trying to do. Come join us by supporting your local, sustainable farmers and farmers markets. DLH Continue reading

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Science and Technology: Is the problem of the 21st century an aging population without workers to support it?

We hear a lot about population increases and how much stress that puts on our environment and resources, but what about the potential for population decline? It’s a problem I’ve wondered about for years given the fact that so much of the world’s current population increase, especially in the industrialized world, is as a result […] Continue reading

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