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Thoughts from Innisfree on the Stillwater: Tool finder

Somebody needs to invent a system that allows people like me to find the tools I constantly misplace on the farm. No, really. We have 185 acres. Even if I limit myself to the area of our farm buildings, we’re … Continue reading Continue reading

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Education: Open Source Education

A recent post over on Facebook got me thinking. We have open source software, hardware, design, fabricating, even open source manufacturing. So, why not open source education? Think about it. Nearly all of the world’s knowledge is available for free somewhere out there in the form of free lectures and courses, both online and off. […] Continue reading

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Thoughts from Innisfree on the Stillwater: Taking the plunge!

While my wife and I have been living and working on Innisfree for the last three and a half years, it has always been something of a part-time job until now. Late last year, we paid off the last of … Continue reading Continue reading

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While most of us were focused on the unfolding events in Boston, the House of Representatives passed a bill whose language would allow government regulators and corporations to, among other things, collect data on your internet usage and determine what … Continue reading

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Coffee: Exciting! New! Coffee!

It’s exciting to me anyway. I am in the process of adding five new coffees to my lineup for 2013: Monsooned Indian Malabar Caracolillo Coffee Mill Mocha-Java a Paupa-New Guinean a Fair Trade Organic High Grown Peruvian Zimbabwe AA- Salimba Estate The Malabar, P-NG and Zimbabwean coffees will be all be City Plus roasts more […] Continue reading

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