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The Rambling Road: Movement vs Exercise

A long time ago, I started getting fat and it started getting me in trouble with my job in the Air Force (Air National Guard). At the time, I adopted an exercise routine that, despite what some people believed, was … Continue reading Continue reading

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Brickcraft: Excuses, excuses…

            View this post on Instagram                     Why’s it been so long since my last #lego #buildoftheday? Well, to make a longer story shorter, we swapped the room that was my library with the room that was my LEGO studio, but … Continue reading Excuses, excuses… Continue reading

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Thoughts from Innisfree on the Stillwater: Please excuse the mess

Really, it’s more of a metaphorical mess as we go about the business of steering the beast that is Innisfree on the Stillwater in a new direction. What does that direction look like? Well, we’re now share-cropping organic row crops, … Continue reading Continue reading

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Science and Technology: Galaxy Fold: Samsung’s $2000 missed chance

I’ve been watching the coming of the now revealed Galaxy Fold for some time now, and while I am cautiously impressed with the technology the are releasing, I also think Samsung–and really almost all device manufacturers–have missed the point. Samsung had an opportunity with the Galaxy Fold to change the rules about mobile devices by […] Continue reading

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The Rambling Road: Documenting Progress

I had a medical appointment yesterday, which in itself is not remarkable, but that revealed a very good result. I should back up a step and explain that, since about June of last year, I have altered my approach to … Continue reading Continue reading

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