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Readiness: We need to be thinking about how to GTFH too

I’ve been thinking about readiness a lot more recently. It’s easy to get complacent, especially when you “feel” ready, but the fact is even the best prepared among us are never as ready as we think we are. One of the themes that play out in the readiness world is an obsessive focus on “getting […] Continue reading

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Science and Technology: The evolution of the pocket computer

Yeah, I know… I’m a broken record… But we can see the future of the pocket computer in a variety of new devices starting to come onto the market that transcend the phone moniker in favor of becoming pocket computing devices. Of all the ones announced so far, I’m most interested in the potential of […] Continue reading

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Creativecraft: Creativity and the creator

If you spend enough time around creative types, you’re bound to hear the same lament: I’m a creator! Why am I not creating? I suffer from this lament to the extreme on occasion, and while I could launch into the … Continue reading Continue reading

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