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Polls Are Open – GET OUT AND VOTE!

Polls are open in the Eastern Time Zone, go out and VOTE, NOW! “This is the day which the LORD has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24 didymus 53

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Tito the Builder-Listen to this Man and VOTE ON TUESDAY

Tito the Builder has joined Joe the Plumber in supporting the McCain-Palin campaign by telling what it really takes to achieve the American (economic) Dream and exposing the Obama campaign lies about “change” for the better. Tito Munoz, born in … Continue reading

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VOTE 2008 – Take A Stand For Truth

An important reminder from the American Policy Roundtable.  When you vote, use your brains, not your feelings.  Which Presidential candidate and which Congressional candidates stand for the values in this video?   There’s only one answer on your ballot this coming … Continue reading

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American Tiger or Kitten? – Use Your Brains When You Vote Next Tuesday!

I’ve heard it repeatedly on TV news (including Fox) this election season from the mouths of liberal and even some conservative pundits: Something to the effect of “…Of course the bad economy plays into the hands of the Democrats…”  The … Continue reading

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Keeping it Simple – VOTE ON 4 NOVEMBER!!!

  Let me keep this simple: VOTE ON 4 NOVEMBER!!! Much has been written here and elsewhere about the Conservative Malaise regarding the 4 November Presidential Election, particularly about John McCain not being conservative enough or even being a true … Continue reading

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