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And you’re still defending climate science as overwhelming and irrefutable?

Via Cranach: researchers studying the nature of climate science discover that climate scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration manipulated climate data measurements by selectively eliminating the number of data collection stations: In a January 29 report, they find … Continue reading

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Real reform

Finally, an idea for real reform has come out of Congress. Senators Maria Cantwell and John McCain introduced the Banking Integrity Act of 2009 that would reinstate provisions of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 that blocked banks from mixing consumer … Continue reading

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A Christian nation no more?

Worldview Item of the Day

It’s sometimes hard to tell from the distance of national news whether or not a story is everything it appears to be, yet, if this story is being told how it happened, then we are on the last leg of the course that will inevitably dismantle the last vestiges of the idea that we live in a Christian nation. […] Continue reading

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What is really wrong with the economy

Worldview Item of the Day

The US economy does not need any more regulation. We have plenty of laws, and at least some of those laws serve to protect us against people doing things wrong. That is, they protect us from people doing things wrong when they are applied.

It turns out that regulators at the SEC systematically ignored the fraud being perpetrated by Bernard Madoff for at least a decade, thereby failing to perform their role of enforcing the laws the US already has to prevent the very kind of scheme he was operating. In doing so, they not only cost Madoff’s investors more than he had already cost them, but they compromised the integrity of the very agency tasked with regulating activity on US stock markets. […] Continue reading

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Keeping it Simple – VOTE ON 4 NOVEMBER!!!

  Let me keep this simple: VOTE ON 4 NOVEMBER!!! Much has been written here and elsewhere about the Conservative Malaise regarding the 4 November Presidential Election, particularly about John McCain not being conservative enough or even being a true … Continue reading

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