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On the festival of the resurrection of Jesus Christ

[yframe url=’′] “Christ Jesus Lay in Death’s Strong Bands” –Martin Luther [yframe url=’’] “Jesus Christ Is Risen Today” –Charles Wesley [yframe url=’’] “In Christ Alone” –Keith Getty and Stuart Townend DLH

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20070409 Easter Monday

Yeshua was alive. While the disciples may not have realized it, the Kingdom of Heaven was truly at hand. With Yeshua’s resurrection from the dead, the only promises of God that remained to be fulfilled to them was for them to receive the Holy Spirit and to be resurrected themselves. Continue reading

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20070308 Easter

The dawn of the Sunday after Yeshua died dawned cold and stark for his forlorn followers. Their teacher and friend, their leader and-many had hoped-their Messiah was dead and buried in a borrowed grave. His execution had been so sudden and his death so quick that they had not even had a chance to properly prepare his body in one last act of faithfulness and devotion. Continue reading

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20070408 RELC Sermon for 8 April 2007 (Easter Sunday)

Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church posts its pastor’s sermons on its website each week as ministry to its members and as an outreach tool. This link is cross-posted to the Worldview Weblog in an effort to reach a larger audience. Here is the link to the sermon for 8 April 2007 (Easter Sunday).

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