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And then there were none

Today, a horrible crime was committed by an extremist who, in cold blood, gunned down a security guard at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC. There is no excuse for such a crime, and I have no tolerance for anyone who thinks the same way or supports this act of hate.

I pray for the family of Stephen T Johns, the security guard killed in the attack, and that justice is served swiftly and coldly against this killer.

Within minutes of discovering the identity and possible onetime military affiliation of the shooter, Shepard Smith, of Fox News, made the following astonishing leap of logic: that this shooting validates the contents of the DHS report labeling veterans as potential right wing extremists. A good synopsis of Smith’s statements and their context to the DHS report can be found at Mudville Gazette. […] Continue reading

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Because we’re not loud enough

The reason that conservatively minded people are losing the war of ideas in the United States is because they are not loud enough. They content themselves by claiming their morality, productivity, and work ethic say enough, meanwhile newspapers, magazines, the … Continue reading

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What doing something looks like

His may be an extreme example, but if you are looking for what “doing something” looks like, look no further than Michael Yon. I regularly pray that I will grow to be even half the man he has already proven … Continue reading

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There may be hope for journalism after all

Perhaps the love affair between mainstream journalism and Obama has finally ended. The president’s unscheduled visit to the White House press corps was not so well received after two days of snubbing of the corps by the infant(ile?) administration. […] Continue reading

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Attention everyone!

The United States is preparing to withdraw its forces from Iraq in as little as 16 months from January 20, 2009. Please make sure that al Qaeda in Iraq, and the Sunni and Shia militias know so that they can effectively prepare for said departure. While we’re at blabbing our military plans to our enemies, let’s leak and publish units, locations, and timeframes for that withdrawal. […] Continue reading

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