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Leading Democrat candidate pledges to compromise America’s ability to defend itself

[…] Welcome to the end of the American Republic, folks. When politicians believe that contracting American defense to its allies and international groups while simultaneously funding socialism by punishing anyone defined as being too rich through taxes and forced subjugation to the government, then the fate of the Republic is truly in question. […] Continue reading

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Points of agreement

[…] Yet even with someone I disagree with so wholeheartedly, there are points of agreement. One such case is his recent commentary on the GI Bill and veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. While the nation lurches toward fascist healthcare and direct government intervention in matters of personal finance and economy, it also continues to ignore the contribution of its most gallant citizens. […] Continue reading

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20070918 Military- Why Military Expansion Still Makes Sense

[…] [W]e are at war. The practitioners of fundamentalist Islam–not just al Qaeda but Eqyptian Qutbis, Iranian Shi’a, Saudi Wahhabis, Pakistani mullahs, Indonesian imams, and others–have declared war on the United States and the West. They prosecute that war in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, and Sudan and continue to attack us in places like Bali, Madrid, and London. We need a larger military simply because the military we have is not large enough or properly organized to effectively fight in this war. To rely on other nations to fight this war on our behalf would be foolhardy and likely fatal. […] Continue reading

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20070813 The Draft and Dodging the Hard Facts

Unfortunately, both the fundamentalist Leftists and General Lute are both wrong. The current problems that the US Military-especially the Army and the Marine Corps-is having sustaining combat operations in Iraq and elsewhere have little to do with the need for a draft and everything to do with the will of the political establishment to pay for America’s defense. Continue reading

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The Cost of Defense

How much is the defense of our nation worth? The truth is that, like many subject areas in the Federal government, the cost of providing the required service has become more important than the service itself. Nowhere is this idea … Continue reading

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