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Failure of rhetoric

Worldview Thought for the Day If George W Bush’s presidency was a dictatorship, then how is it that he is not still president and that some people are still complaining so vigorously about a man that has not been president … Continue reading

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And then there were none

Today, a horrible crime was committed by an extremist who, in cold blood, gunned down a security guard at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC. There is no excuse for such a crime, and I have no tolerance for anyone who thinks the same way or supports this act of hate.

I pray for the family of Stephen T Johns, the security guard killed in the attack, and that justice is served swiftly and coldly against this killer.

Within minutes of discovering the identity and possible onetime military affiliation of the shooter, Shepard Smith, of Fox News, made the following astonishing leap of logic: that this shooting validates the contents of the DHS report labeling veterans as potential right wing extremists. A good synopsis of Smith’s statements and their context to the DHS report can be found at Mudville Gazette. […] Continue reading

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21:50 So, which is it

So far, Obama has claimed that the economy, social services, the environment, and health care are the most important issues of our time. McCain may not be able to do more than one thing at a time, but Obama appears … Continue reading

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Proof positive

It’s time to call Russia’s bluff. Secretary of State Rice signed a historic defense agreement with our allies the Polish today, and Russia is threatening military action. […] Continue reading

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Before you accuse

Here is something for any activists, leftists, progressives, or socialists who might come across this weblog or post to consider. None of the following terms:








Et cetera…

refer to race. […] Continue reading

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