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Science in your own back yard

Via Wired comes the story of an amateur astronomer who was able to observe astronauts at work on the International Space station. This reminds me of the fact that science is not some kind of endeavor limited to people with … Continue reading

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Lighting up the sky

Worldview Science Item of the Day A probable meteor impacted somewhere near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, giving watchful observers great video and photography of its demise. -=DLH=-

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On a planet far, far away

UC Berkeley researchers using the Hubble Space Telescope have produced what may be the first image of a planet outside our solar system. The amazing picture shows a several Jupiter mass planet against a debris field around the star Formalhaut. […] Continue reading

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20070919 Worldview Web Roundup

The Worldview Web Roundup is a periodic post of links to the news, commentary, and information I am reading right now. If you want to read more of the kinds of things found in this post check out Dennis L Hitzeman’s News Reading List. Do you have news or information you think needs to be rounded up? Email me at dlhweb1 at hitzeman dot com. Continue reading

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20060817 Science and Technology Mega Brief

Welcome to another Science and Technology Mega Brief. The Mega Brief is an information-filled glance at interesting science and technology news and profiles on science and technology that affects us. See the post for this week’s topics.
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