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The science of using what we already have

For a very long time, I’ve wondered about a core tenet of our modern, technology driven era: that what we have now is inherently better than what we have before. For example, most people will insist that farming with oil … Continue reading

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Fructose = Dumber?

Is the massive consumption of fructose in the modern diet making us all dumber? I’m not asking this question as a rhetorical one, but as an honest question and one that I hope is being investigated by science. It bothers … Continue reading

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We hear a lot about the color green these days. Green is the color of the newest global religion, the religion of environment before people, whose most recent convocation takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark as I write this post. In … Continue reading

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On life

One of science’s most persistant problems has been arriving at definitions that are as encompassing as possible. One of the definitions that scientists still struggle with, as a result, is “what, exactly, is life?”

That might seem like an easily answerable question, but the past century of scientific endeavor has opened new worlds of inquiry that show it not to be so simple. The problem of classifying things like viruses or prions means that the definition of life must be very broad indeed. […] Continue reading

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The things one finds online

Tech Item of the Day

It may seem odd, but a group of Virginia Tech grads recently established an online farmer’s market, seeking to replicate the ideas of the local food movement online.

Unfortunately, as cool as this idea might seem on the surface, it specifically violates the ideals of the local food movement. Local food is, you see, local. The idea behind the movement is to buy food from local producers, people less than 100 miles from where you live and when it is in season. […] Continue reading

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