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The Rambling Road: A question of precision

Having medical conditions often means medication, and taking medications often means a level of precision whether we realize it or not. Each medication has its own, often unique, requirements for administration that are often, in some way, in conflict with … Continue reading Continue reading

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Fructose = Dumber?

Is the massive consumption of fructose in the modern diet making us all dumber? I’m not asking this question as a rhetorical one, but as an honest question and one that I hope is being investigated by science. It bothers … Continue reading

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Worldview Web Roundup for 20100609

Um, duh, the internets are making us dumber. Just don’t stop reading Worldview… DLH

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Yeah, wear shoes

Worldview Item of the Day Flip-flops and their assorted foot-smacking cousins are a pet peeve of mine. I hate how they sound, how they look, even how they make people behave. Now, there is medical credibility (video) for my credo, … Continue reading

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Training the way they fight

PETA is outraged because the Army apparently uses live, wounded pigs to train lifesaving techniques to soldiers preparing to depart for Afghanistan and Iraq.

A military axiom I am familiar with is “train the way you fight”. The idea is to make training as realistic as the real thing as possible so that the real thing is not a surprise, thereby increasing overall effectiveness in combat. […] Continue reading

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