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Despots and terrorists take notice

As I mentioned, one of the interesting advanced technologies currently under development by the military is a rocket powered glider capable of being dropped from an aircraft and the gliding at high speed for perhaps hundreds of miles to allow special forces troops to arrive at targets quickly and almost undetected. A prototype of that idea flew across the English Channel today. Jules Crittenden has some great pictures. […] Continue reading

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They never saw it coming

Courtesy of BlackFive comes the report that Aurora Flight Sciences is developing a VTOL UAV called Excalibur capable of carrying Hellfires and other air to ground whacking goodies. This machine has all kinds of potential for making America’s enemies sweat. […] Continue reading

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Training the way they fight

PETA is outraged because the Army apparently uses live, wounded pigs to train lifesaving techniques to soldiers preparing to depart for Afghanistan and Iraq.

A military axiom I am familiar with is “train the way you fight”. The idea is to make training as realistic as the real thing as possible so that the real thing is not a surprise, thereby increasing overall effectiveness in combat. […] Continue reading

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20070531 Science and Technology- Cyborg Engineering

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is involved with a research project intent on implanting microchips into pupal moths that will allow those moths to be controlled as biological UAVs when they have reached maturity. Such moths could then be used as advanced infiltration devices against otherwise unsuspecting enemies. Continue reading

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Tech Goes to War There is much debate in the defense community about the military and its role in present and future conflict. These debates range from policy and fiscal arguments in the echoing halls of the Pentagon to the fierce blogs about … Continue reading

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