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Carbon emitting kids

Who didn’t see this coming: a pair of doctors in Britain want Brits to limit themselves to just two children because each additional child helps contribute to global warming. […] Continue reading

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Do you want to know why?

[…] This lesson is simple. If the free people of free nations believe that all people are equal and equally deserving of liberty, then it is incumbent upon those free people to liberate those who cannot liberate themselves. Tyranny, whatever form it may take, is the natural enemy of liberty, and for that reason alone, free people must act against tyrants even when such tyranny does not directly threaten. […] Continue reading

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20070918 Military- Why Military Expansion Still Makes Sense

[…] [W]e are at war. The practitioners of fundamentalist Islam–not just al Qaeda but Eqyptian Qutbis, Iranian Shi’a, Saudi Wahhabis, Pakistani mullahs, Indonesian imams, and others–have declared war on the United States and the West. They prosecute that war in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, and Sudan and continue to attack us in places like Bali, Madrid, and London. We need a larger military simply because the military we have is not large enough or properly organized to effectively fight in this war. To rely on other nations to fight this war on our behalf would be foolhardy and likely fatal. […] Continue reading

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20070910 Military- Why Do We Keep Doing It?

The debate over whether to abandon Iraq rages on. What happens if the people we are asking to lose just quit?

…I am privileged to count myself among the numbers of people who have voluntarily chosen to serve this nation as part of the United States Military even during those times when such service has been unpopular, difficult, even unwanted. I have done so because I believe in the American ideals embodied in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. I believe that the United States of America is something great, and I believe that greatness is worth defending to the death, if necessary… Continue reading

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20070813 Patriotic Poetry and Hope

While the political world continues to hyperventilate about Iraq and all that goes with that conflict, there are growing signs that more and more Americans get the point of what is going on there and in Afghanistan and elsewhere. The news gets more hopeful. The polls reflect a greater sense of optimism. People who believe in the right of Americans to defend themselves and their liberty are stepping up to the plate. Continue reading

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