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Writing: Sharpening one’s focus

I find that it is very easy as a writer to lose one’s focus or to have far too broad of a focus. For me, that lack of focus usually comes from my obsession with writing a novel. The problem is that–at least I suspect the problem is that–I am not a novel writer in the classic […] Continue reading

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20061114 I Told You So

I told you so. Ok, some of you will agree with the point I am about to make, but for the rest, ‘I told you so.’ Good, now that is out of the way. Continue reading

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20061003 World Watch Focus- The Geneva Compromise

In 1938, Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of Great Britain and arguably then leader of the free world, returned from negotiations with Nazi Germany that resulted in the ceding of the Sudetenland, then part of Czechoslovakia, to Germany in return for some assurances that Germany would not engage in a wider war of ‘German Unification’. This settlement, known as the Munich Agreement, resulted in Chamberlain’s famous quote that peace had been secured. A year later, Europe and the world would be embroiled in World War Two. Continue reading

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20060926 World Watch Focus- Populism Fails

The locked out workers of AK Steel recently voted to reject their employer’s latest, and possibly last, contract offer, effectively setting the stage for punitive action against the workers and their union. Traditionally, American sympathy has been with unions and their workers because Americans often see them as the underdogs against an unfair and greedy employer. The case of AK Steel, however, illustrates a truth about modern organized labor, and that is the reality that unions work to protect special interests without thought to the consequences of that protection. Continue reading

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20060905 World Watch Focus: Citizenship in Action

Too many Americans pass every day believing that they have no influence on the events that swirl around them both, locally, nationally, and internationally. These Americans often talk in terms of ‘The Government’ as if this government was some sort of colossal monolith that cannot be influenced or stopped. They often talk of what they want to be different about their cities, their nation, and the world, but they seem to have no sense of what can be done to make those changes Continue reading

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