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The rise and fall of the British government

I watched the election in Britain yesterday with some interest and have a prediction as a result: no one will be able to form a stable government and whoever the sitting prime minister is will be forced to call new … Continue reading

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The second slump?

The Dow is down hard for the third consecutive day, dropping 980 points at one point on investor worries over the growing crisis in Greece and predictions that Spain and Britain may not be that far behind. So, what’s your … Continue reading

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Carbon emitting kids

Who didn’t see this coming: a pair of doctors in Britain want Brits to limit themselves to just two children because each additional child helps contribute to global warming. […] Continue reading

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Missing the point

[…] Unfortunately, we Americans seem poised to elect one of these very kinds of leftists as our president in 2008. Way back in 2001, quite a few of us remarked that we were glad it was George Bush and not Al Gore in the White House on 9-11. Back then we understood the value of defense and patriotism. I guess, sometime after January 21st, 2009, we may well get the chance to see what it might have been like on 9-12 without a wartime president. […] Continue reading

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