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Write what you know

Worldview is a lot of things, but more than anything else it has been a place where I can write about the things I am thinking with regard to a variety of topics. Recently, that broad swatch of focus has … Continue reading

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Made it!

As I am sure it was for a lot of you, 2009 was… quite a year for me and for Worldview. Yet, here we are on December 31 staring the end of a year and the end of a decade* … Continue reading

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What can I do about it?

How about this? Matt Burden, the Blackfive of the outstanding weblog of the same name, is running for the Illinois State Legislature. What else do I need to say? If you don’t like how things are, do something about the … Continue reading

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Day by Day

I have been remiss in mentioning that my favorite web comic and possibly the best political cartoon on the internet, Day by Day, is having it’s annual fundraiser so that it’s author, Chris Muir, can continue to produce the comic … Continue reading

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What doing something looks like

His may be an extreme example, but if you are looking for what “doing something” looks like, look no further than Michael Yon. I regularly pray that I will grow to be even half the man he has already proven … Continue reading

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