Dennis L Hitzeman’s Regular Reading List

This is my list of online information sources I regularly read or consult. It is not the exclusive list, but it is the list I read on an almost daily basis, and these are the sources I find most valuable. For a more complete list, please consult my exhaustive sources list. Do you have a source you think I might be interested in? Please contact me with more information.

Analysis and Commentary


In my opinion, this is the best military weblog on the Internet today (no offense whatsoever to the Mudville Gazette). At this weblog, you will find access to the kind of news that the MSM just does not report, but that if more Americans knew, our nation would be a different kind of place.

The Long War Journal

The Mudville Gazette

The closely second best military weblog on the Internet. Combined with BlackFive, it delivers the two of the one-two punch for news and commentary related to the War on Terrorism and the war against fundamentalist Islam.

World Magazine

World Magazine is a weekly news periodical in the same vein as Newsweek or US News and World Reports, but reported from a distinctly conservative Christian worldview. The magazine’s emphasis and character often differ from traditional news sources as a result. If you decide you like the website, they also have a weekly print subscription.

Winds of Change



The Daily Reckoning

The Front Porch Republic

Entertainment and Humor

Calvin and Hobbes

Crimson Dark

Day by Day




Guilded Age


Order of the Stick

PHD Comics

The System



Cranach: The Blog of Veith


Internet Monk

Farming, environment, sustainability

Mother Earth News

Stone’s Throw Market



The Dayton Daily News



BBC News

Make no mistake, the BBC and its news organization leans left, but they have one advantage over any of the major US news organizations: they report news. Sometimes it is difficult to separate the facts from the slant, but there are few places to find a complete mix of national and international news in one place.


The most popular US site for liberal leaning news.

Fox News

The most popular site for conservative leaning news and commentary.

Google News

This is a good new summary site that gathers news from a quite diverse and eclectic group of news sites. It’s a good source for a quick overview of what’s going on in the world. They have an RSSÂ feed with the latest top headlines.




The Worldwide Standard

The Worldwide Standard is a weblog of the Weekly Standard, a conservative news and political analysis magazine. I started reading this weblog as a result of its ‘Daily Iraq Report’ and was very impressed. It is good to see this kind of reporting making its way into the Mainstream Media, even if it is but a small corner.

Science and Technology

The Adafruit Industries Blog

Hack a Day

MAKE Magazine

PC World


TED Blog

The Register


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