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In the early days after 9-11, the history was clear. The world understood that the United States had to find and eliminate the people responsible for launching and supporting that attack. The world rallied to the US cause.

As time went on, however, a new history began to develop. It became apparent that the US’s place in the world was beset not just by the likes of al Qaeda, but also by the forces of other nations that considered the US an enemy and even by some nations who publicly called the US a friend. The world started making excuses. […] Continue reading

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“Let’s roll.”

America was on its knees when Todd Beamer spoke those words of defiance seven years ago today. He spoke them as part of the first counterattack by Americans against its emboldened enemy al Qaeda. Though Beamer and all of his fellows died when Flight 93 slammed into the ground in Pennsylvania, his words represented a battle cry against the threat fundamentalist Islamic radicalism now proved itself to be. […] Continue reading

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Do you remember September 10, 2001? What were you doing that day?

More than likely, September 10 was like any other day. People went to work and school. People went grocery shopping and picked up fast food. People watched TV and read books. For most people, September 10, 2001 was unremarkable. […] Continue reading

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