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Why I Am Pro-Life

Or, “Stop Insisting that I Hate Women and Thump Bibles Just Because I Take a Viewpoint You Oppose.” A guest post by Pete Hitzeman   I am a Christian. I am a conservative. I am Pro-Life. But I am not … Continue reading

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On life

One of science’s most persistant problems has been arriving at definitions that are as encompassing as possible. One of the definitions that scientists still struggle with, as a result, is “what, exactly, is life?”

That might seem like an easily answerable question, but the past century of scientific endeavor has opened new worlds of inquiry that show it not to be so simple. The problem of classifying things like viruses or prions means that the definition of life must be very broad indeed. […] Continue reading

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22:13 Since 1973

48,589,993 Americans have been aborted. In addition to acknowledging the horrific murder of unborn children, one has to wonder how much of the current state of the United States can be traced to missing 50 million citizens. -=DLH=-

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