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“Keep your head down” represents a compromise of the Christian worldview

I hear this idea or something like it often: “We should just keep our heads down and mind our own business.” Usually, it comes from conservatively minded people, often from Christians, and mostly in relationship to ongoing world events the … Continue reading

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Are you ready?

Are you ready? For what you might ask? Are you ready for whatever comes next? We Americans have lived through several decades of unparalleled prosperity, marked by an almost unchecked rise in consumption and the rapid development of the institutions … Continue reading

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Ex post facto moral judgements

My friend Chris linked to a interesting article over on Facebook about a sober anniversary that comes around every August 6: the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. The author makes the point that, without that bomb and … Continue reading

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Putting one’s money, and action, where one’s mouth is

It’s a popular pastime in certain circles to bash on rich people for not helping “the poor” and it is an unusual occurance when rich people respond with an “oh, yeah, well watch this!” Yet, a group of rich people, including Bill … Continue reading

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A point of order

On 22 March 2010, Congress passed the Stamp Act Health Security Health Care Reform bill, and days later, the President signed it into law. In the days that followed, angry citizens subjects individuals committed acts of violence and hatred against … Continue reading

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