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What can I do about it?

How about this? Matt Burden, the Blackfive of the outstanding weblog of the same name, is running for the Illinois State Legislature. What else do I need to say? If you don’t like how things are, do something about the … Continue reading

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The other shoe drops?

Twice this morning, I heard different radio talking heads say that Obama may be considering a national sales tax to pay for the cost of the stimulus package he will sign today. Interestingly, I was unable to find a single print reference to this idea. […] Continue reading

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One of the interesting things about being a 35-year-old college student is that I am able to see ghosts. Stop laughing; I’m serious.

I’ve been in and out of college for 17 years, and in that time I have discovered that life, in many ways is cyclic and repeating. Things that were true 17 years ago are still true today and will be tomorrow and for years to come. The punk kids are still punks; the idealists are still idealists; the progressives are progressives. […] Continue reading

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Do you remember September 10, 2001? What were you doing that day?

More than likely, September 10 was like any other day. People went to work and school. People went grocery shopping and picked up fast food. People watched TV and read books. For most people, September 10, 2001 was unremarkable. […] Continue reading

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