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There is only one thing that is needful

I would like to remind everyone, whether you have faith in Jesus Christ or not, that the point of Christianity is nothing other than Christ and him crucified. Without Christ, there is no redeemer from sin, and without Christ’s death, … Continue reading

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Forty days of Lent: Christ have mercy on me, a sinner

The historical purpose of the Lenten period is repentance, but the relevant question might be, “repentance from what?” The obvious Christian answer is that we repent from our sins of commission and omission, confessing to our God and our fellow … Continue reading

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Born to die

Today is the eve of Christ’s mass, the celebration of God’s greatest gift to mankind. Today, many of us will go to churches and celebrate the spectacular mystery of God becoming a man among us. We will enjoy children’s choirs and marvel at the angelic child represented in nativities. Yet, how many of us want to think about why we do this? […] Continue reading

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