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A challenge

What’s the political equivalent of a quack? At any rate, the political quacks in D.C. are at it again pretending that they are going to do something responsible about spending the taxpayers’ money. On one hand, you have the Republiquacks … Continue reading

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These United States

It’s subtle, but there is a huge difference between saying “the United States” and “these United States”. In the first case, one seems to be referring to a single nation that has the odd characteristic of being made up of theoretically semi-autonomous internal divisions, … Continue reading

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It starts now

The only way that those of us who believe in Constitutional, limited government are ever going to make what we believe a reality is if we stop making excuses, stop expecting other people to make democracy work, and stop thinking … Continue reading

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If our government won’t, should we?

Worldview Item of the Day

Our current era of connectedness allows us an unprecedented view into international affairs, one so unprecedented that we often no longer need to trust our government to reach foreign policy conclusions on our behalf. We can evaluate the evidence and reach those conclusions on our own.

The Constitution clearly prohibits individual citizens from taking foreign policy actions on their own, but at what point does the belief by a group of citizens that the government’s foreign policy actions are wrong allow that group of citizens to act? This idea of private foreign policy is one that is growing and will likely come to plague traditional governmental systems with more frequency in the years to come. […] Continue reading

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Veteran+Conservative+Private firearm ownership supporter+Rough economy=New domestic terrorist

Hello. I simply wanted to reintroduce myself as the new face of terrorism in the United States. Because I am a veteran, politically conservative, support the private ownership of firearms, live in a country suffering from an economic downturn, and apparently have no mind of my own, I am now susceptible to recruitment by so-called “right wing” groups that support the violent overthrow of the United States government. […] Continue reading

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