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The Rambling Road: Seriously, dude, no

Of all the changes I have had to endure since this new reality began, I have struggled with none more than the fact that I will likely never be able to eat the same way I used to again. That’s … Continue reading Continue reading

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The stimulus is over

So, now it hits the fan. You see, the about $1 trillion the Obama administration spent over the past two years stimulating the economy had exactly the effect people who try to understand the actual economy expected it to: those … Continue reading

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Our ridiculous global economy

So, the EU agreed to loan it’s bankrupt members almost $1 trillion and the Dow shot up 400 points. Did anyone on Wall Street or at any of the investment banks catch the part that the countries receiving the loans are bankrupt? … Continue reading

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Farming: Never again

I went to the stock auction today because Keba and I hauled our calves there over the past couple of days and I wanted to see for myself what their business was all about.
I will never take my animals there or buy animals from them again.
We took nine perfectly healthy, vibrant young calves to that […] Continue reading

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So let me get this straight…

For months now, General Motors has been spending billions in taxpayer money to continue to ineffeciently manufacture low-quality products that no one wants to buy, and now, after all of this has occured, the government is goint to force GM into bankruptcy anyway? Continue reading

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