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Philosophy: A thought on creativity

For whatever reason, I’ve come across several discussions recently wherein someone has opined that one creative person “ripped off” another creative person and that supposed theft was then presented as evidence that there is no real creativity anymore. These sorts … Continue reading Continue reading

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Writing: NaNoWriMo 2011 Day 8: A week in

[9860] A week has passed since National Novel Writing Month began, and so far, I’m behind and having to work really, really hard to make this story I’m writing work. And that’s ok. What I have discovered over the past week is that there is a lot more to writing and to my style of […] Continue reading

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The science of using what we already have

For a very long time, I’ve wondered about a core tenet of our modern, technology driven era: that what we have now is inherently better than what we have before. For example, most people will insist that farming with oil … Continue reading

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