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Because we’re not loud enough

The reason that conservatively minded people are losing the war of ideas in the United States is because they are not loud enough. They content themselves by claiming their morality, productivity, and work ethic say enough, meanwhile newspapers, magazines, the … Continue reading

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What doing something looks like

His may be an extreme example, but if you are looking for what “doing something” looks like, look no further than Michael Yon. I regularly pray that I will grow to be even half the man he has already proven … Continue reading

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Check out Dayton

Worldview Item of the Day Tonight, Friday 15 May, is the latest installment of the biannual Urban Nights, an event designed to showcase downtown Dayton’s culture, music, and food. The event boasts 106 venues (.pdf), live music, live theater performances, … Continue reading

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What am I going to do about it? Five things we can all do to be ready for whatever may come.

Concerns about the economy. Concerns about the world.

2009 seems like it could very easily be worse than 2008. While we may not be able to stop Congress from borrowing us into oblivion or aggressor nations from blasting themselves into the same, we can make sure that we are ready to weather the storm these things may bring about. Even if these things do not happen, it never hurts to be ready for whatever may come. Below are five things you can start doing now. […] Continue reading

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