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Something to think about at the polls tomorrow

If you are one of the small fraction of voters, who themselves represent a small fraction of eligible Americans, who vote tomorrow, here are some things to think about while you’re touching screens or punching chads: How did all these … Continue reading

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Tea, taxes, and representation

Worldview Thought of the Day

I have believed for a long time that April 15th of each year should be a national day of mourning because it is the day we allow our government to officially rob us to support a system most of us disagree with. Perhaps a more appropriate day for such mourning might be the the Tuesday after the first Monday of November, when most American voters continue to elect the same thieves into office year after year.

This year, on April 15th, Americans around the country will gather at “Tea Parties” in symbolic protest of this theft. While I will always applaud any Americans who use their Constitutional right to dissent, I shake my head at the fact that they are protesting the wrong thing. In my view, these Americans should protest themselves at these Tea Parties because it is their continued apathy and reliance on the political oligarchy that led to this theft to begin with. Continue reading

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Finger pointing

When I point a finger at you, there are three pointing back at me. Whenever a major political party loses an election, the inevitable result in the days after is recriminations. The losing party feeds on itself as it tries … Continue reading

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11:30 p.m.: That’s a wrap

Well, that seems to be it for this session of liveblogging. Thanks for joining us and thank you for reading. Please check back for post postmortems and other observations and read in the future for more quality content from Worldview. … Continue reading

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11:20 p.m.: McCain concedes

This election is over. Let me add my congratulations to those offered by John McCain to Barack Obama for his success. Now, let’s all look to the next four years and what all of us need to do as citizens … Continue reading

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