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The Rambling Road: Walking away

Don’t worry: I’m not quitting. No, instead, this blog is about a realization. It’s one I’ve stated here before, yet at least for me, I’ve realized it in a new way. As far as my physical health is concerned, walking … Continue reading Continue reading

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Writing: To NaNoWri or not to NaNoWri…

After last year’s successful performance during NaNoWriMo, the question before me is whether to try again this year. The biggest problem with doing so is the investment it takes to write 1,667 words on a particular subject when that has not been my habit up until now. And, that, perhaps, speaks to a bigger problem: people […] Continue reading

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Readiness: Delayed posting

Today’s usual Readiness posts will be delayed until later this week because of circumstances beyond my control.
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