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Why the internet was invented

Don’t let the academics tell you it was for sharing research. Laugh when the government says it was to share important defense information with far-flung installations. No, the internet wasn’t invented for those purposes, it was invented to make Google … Continue reading

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Bibliographic citation generator website

For anyone who writes and needs to cite works in their writing, try checking out CiteFast.com, a web-based citation generator. It could save you a lot of work along the way, but make sure you give credit where credit is … Continue reading

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Worldview Web Roundup for 20100609

Um, duh, the internets are making us dumber. Just don’t stop reading Worldview… DLH

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In addition to writing here (lightly of late, I know), being a full time student, and working as a part time journalist (yeah, I still think the definition of journalism is a farce), I am also the webmaster/online editor/tech support … Continue reading

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One of the worst things I’ve ever found on the internet

As if I needed any help wasting time on the internet, now I found this… Now it’s found you too! -=DLH=-

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