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It’s funny because it’s true

Am I saying McCain will win? No way. I’m just admitting we’re nervous–and really, really tired of all this. For us in the mainstream media, the campaign isn’t about choosing a president. It’s about us. Coming out of the Democratic … Continue reading

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Four days to go

And the polls start to tighten a bit. Actually polls tightening it the days before an election is not an uncommon occurrence in elections in general. What is a less common occurrence is a media outlet actively refusing to release … Continue reading

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21:40 Bob Schieffer is…

Must remember this is a family blog… How obvious does he need to be that he despises Palin. Who picks these moderators? -=DLH=-

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21:36 ACORN

So, Obama admits a connection that hints at a past. The only way to see these things through is to go after them in the media. Anybody? Anybody? -=DLH=-

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Media malfeasance

The Weekly Standard Weblog details the ongoing attempts by the media to smear John McCain’s vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin by publishing outright lies and unproved innuendo. […] Continue reading

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