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Constitutions, oaths, and people

There seems to be some confusion running around on the internet about the nature of the government of our nation, its founding document, the oath sworn by military members relative to that government and document, and the people. Let me … Continue reading

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The best military in the world

Whatever you might think about the wars, you should know that even some Canadians think the United States has the best military in the world. DLH

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Hindsight and all that

One of the modern favorite past times of a whole lot of people who know nothing more about war than what they see on TV or read on the internet is to believe the so-called definitive accounts of so-called journalists … Continue reading

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Valor among us

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few. –Winston Churchill Michale Yon has the keen observations of an Army command sergeant major on the silent heroes among us. I sometimes wonder … Continue reading

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High praise indeed

Via BlackFive, an interesting article from a French infantryman about his time with American infantrymen in Afghanistan. Perhaps, it’s proof positive that we still have the best military on the planet. I wonder if there’s anyone in the White House … Continue reading

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