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The rise and fall of the British government

I watched the election in Britain yesterday with some interest and have a prediction as a result: no one will be able to form a stable government and whoever the sitting prime minister is will be forced to call new … Continue reading

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The second slump?

The Dow is down hard for the third consecutive day, dropping 980 points at one point on investor worries over the growing crisis in Greece and predictions that Spain and Britain may not be that far behind. So, what’s your … Continue reading

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While it is impossible for humans to predict the future, it is possible to look at the trends of the past year and guess where things might head in the coming year. Here are several of my guesses for 2010:

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Looking ahead

We all hope that the year coming is better than the year past. It is a human desire to want better than what we have had, and new years bring that that idea to full boil. Usually, I try to be optimistic about a coming year, but 2009 is the first year in quite a while where I am not able to muster that optimism. Instead, I will try to be pragmatic. […] Continue reading

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4:00 p.m.: So if I’m going to predict…

Here’s what I think will happen tonight based on the states currently labeled “toss-ups” on the RealClearPolitics electoral map: […] Continue reading

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