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George W Bush’s legacy

Worldview Item of the Day Call President Bush what you will, but I will call him one of the most compassionate presidents that has ever lived. Since Lincoln, what president has cared this much for the military members he has … Continue reading

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The taint of corruption

Worldview Item of the Day Barack Obama seems to be taking quite a few plays out of former president Bill Clinton’s book, not the least of which is the parade of associates charged with or convicted of federal crimes or … Continue reading

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11:15 p.m.: A difficult conclusion

We, the people gathered in the Worldview War Room, have concluded that the election has been settled and that Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States. -=DLH=-

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Four days to go

And the polls start to tighten a bit. Actually polls tightening it the days before an election is not an uncommon occurrence in elections in general. What is a less common occurrence is a media outlet actively refusing to release … Continue reading

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Five days to go

Five more days to hear about how people think the president should affect the economy and create jobs.

We have five more days to realize the president does neither thing without the action and consent of the Congress. The thought of what a Democrat Congress and a socialist president might do to the economy should have intelligent people voting against Obama in unprecedented numbers, yet somehow the polls show people continuing to support him. […] Continue reading

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