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House of cards

Stop whatever you’re doing for a few seconds and think about the questions I am about to ask: Why are you doing what you were about to do before I interrupted you? Who would benefit from it? What’s the long … Continue reading

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What doing something looks like

His may be an extreme example, but if you are looking for what “doing something” looks like, look no further than Michael Yon. I regularly pray that I will grow to be even half the man he has already proven … Continue reading

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What can I do about it?

In the aftermath of the 2008 presidential election, many conservative voters are left pondering the question “What now?” Many conservatives are painfully aware that the Republican party no longer represents their interests, and the infighting and character assassination that has followed the Republican defeat reveals the party to be one of self-serving autocrats rather than representatives of conservatism, at least at the leadership level. […] Continue reading

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