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The strange reality of getting what you want

I’ve wanted a library, lab, and studio since I knew what those three things were. In fact, one of my earliest verifiable geek memories comes from when I was about seven and I discovered a chemistry set in the Sears … Continue reading

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Failure of intellect

Whether opponents of the health care law like it or not, your point of view is being defined in the minds of its supporters by the morons making threats against members of Congress who voted for the bill. Many of … Continue reading

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Good ideas

I am completely opposed to excessive government spending and the growth of the federal government, but since the money has already been spent, I believe the best way to spend it is to target it directly at the tax payers … Continue reading

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The Daily Beast- Cheat Sheet

Worldview Item of the Day It’s an odd name for a news site, but the Daily Beast reminds me a lot of the Register for news. Among  TDB’s features is the Cheat Sheet, a great distillation of the days headlines … Continue reading

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A military reading list

Jules Crittenden recently posted a military reading list at his weblog that I think deserves to be explored by anyone who wants to have a greater understanding of the history of the military and military operations. I have to say … Continue reading

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