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The Rambling Road: Keep your blood sugar in check. Seriously

One of the more disconcerting experiences I’ve had in this journey so far is moments when my blood sugar has been out of check due to various factors ranging from the unknown to my own stupid behavior. Now that I … Continue reading Continue reading

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I can speak to the truth of this one personally. The burden of government intervention in small business is so heavy that it is almost not worth doing it. My biggest reason for staying in business sometimes is to continue … Continue reading

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Why government mandated healthcare will fail

I visited a private practice doctor today for the first time in seven years, and I was both disappointed and, I must admit, relieved to discover that I could keep the same presumptions and observations about the medical profession now … Continue reading

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Real reform

Finally, an idea for real reform has come out of Congress. Senators Maria Cantwell and John McCain introduced the Banking Integrity Act of 2009 that would reinstate provisions of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 that blocked banks from mixing consumer … Continue reading

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What is really wrong with the economy

Worldview Item of the Day

The US economy does not need any more regulation. We have plenty of laws, and at least some of those laws serve to protect us against people doing things wrong. That is, they protect us from people doing things wrong when they are applied.

It turns out that regulators at the SEC systematically ignored the fraud being perpetrated by Bernard Madoff for at least a decade, thereby failing to perform their role of enforcing the laws the US already has to prevent the very kind of scheme he was operating. In doing so, they not only cost Madoff’s investors more than he had already cost them, but they compromised the integrity of the very agency tasked with regulating activity on US stock markets. […] Continue reading

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