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So let me get this straight…

For months now, General Motors has been spending billions in taxpayer money to continue to ineffeciently manufacture low-quality products that no one wants to buy, and now, after all of this has occured, the government is goint to force GM into bankruptcy anyway? Continue reading

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Attention everyone!

The United States is preparing to withdraw its forces from Iraq in as little as 16 months from January 20, 2009. Please make sure that al Qaeda in Iraq, and the Sunni and Shia militias know so that they can effectively prepare for said departure. While we’re at blabbing our military plans to our enemies, let’s leak and publish units, locations, and timeframes for that withdrawal. […] Continue reading

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The economics of personal responsibility

Times are tough. Whether or not one agrees as to when the American economy entered a recession, it more than likely has entered one and will continue to be in one for the next several months. By most accounts, this will be the fifth recession I will have, God willing, lived through so far. If history is any indicator, I can expect to live through several more during my lifetime. […] Continue reading

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Wishful thinking?

Worldview Item of the Day A Russian political analyst claims that the current crises in the United States–economic and political–threaten the republic’s collapse. This is not a new idea, but is it an idea that deserves any consideration?

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A concession of reality

If we held the election today, Barack Obama would win. […] Continue reading

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