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Thoughts from Innisfree on the Stillwater: Taming a tangled wilderness

We’re unusually free with sharing our successes and failures here at Innisfree on the Stillwater, a fact that is intentional and purposeful rather than naive and dramatic. You see, our desire, along with giving people access to quality, sustainably grown … Continue reading Continue reading

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Science and Technology: Some thoughts on the ado about crowdfunding fails

Or, caveat emptor always applies. If you’re at all like me and follow the crowdfunding world with a sense of excited curiosity, then you can’t help but to have noticed the crop of “how not to get scammed” articles littering the tech writing world in the wake of the FTC ruling over a known Kickstarter […] Continue reading

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Thoughts from Innisfree on the Stillwater: Taking the plunge!

While my wife and I have been living and working on Innisfree for the last three and a half years, it has always been something of a part-time job until now. Late last year, we paid off the last of … Continue reading Continue reading

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What can I do about it? Establish local networks.

Where would you go to get something if it was not available from the local big box store? What would you do if the things you rely on mega-retailers to provide for you were not available or were too expensive … Continue reading

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Farming: Experimental garden

Returning to Innisfree allows me to indulge in something I have wanted to pursue for a long time: experimenting with growing things that most other people don’t grow for the purpose of seeing what happens.
A couple of years ago, I thought of this idea for a “beer garden” wherein I grow all of the components […] Continue reading

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