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Never forgotten–Memorial Day 2011

It is appropriate that our nation should set aside a day to remember the sacrifices of all those who gave of themselves in defense of their nation to the point of giving their lives. Without such sacrifice, the republic could … Continue reading

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Pearl Harbor Day 2010: Do you remember?

Remembering is the first step toward understanding. Understanding is the first step toward preventing the mistakes of the past. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor culminated a decades long escalation in tensions between the United States and Japan, and the … Continue reading

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Live free or die

The reason our freedom is dying is because we do not live free. We have indentured ourselves to servitude in the name of comfort and security without thinking about the consequences. We submit ourselves every day to our employers, our … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day

I want to extend a personal, heartfelt thank you to all of the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States of America for their past and continuing selfless service to our nation. Too few Americans in … Continue reading

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November 8, 2008 was my last drill with the 269th Combat Communications Squadron. While I officially remain a part of the Ohio Air National Guard until Nov. 28, the 8th was my last opportunity to participate in the monthly ritual that characterizes the service of the citizen airman before I separate. […] Continue reading

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