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Irreducible complexity

It is the height of either arrogance or stupidity to reduce any idea below its point of natural complexity in order to cast someone else as lacking intellect because of a disagreement over philosophy or practice. I grant that there … Continue reading

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Seven days to go

So, we’re finally a week away from the election. Finally.

We’re also finally a week away from deciding as a nation whether we will continue to follow the path of liberty our Founding Fathers set for us or whether we will formally ask the government to take our liberty in favor of some promise of security. […] Continue reading

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21:16 Obama’s rule…

…Is that he decides what is good for all of us then uses the goverment’s force of arms to enforce the laws he creates to force the behavior he has decided is good. That’s Constitutional… -=DLH=-

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21:10 Ironies

One of the ironies of this election cycle is that I am in a position right now where I will benefit from most of Obama’s economic policies. I am an under-employed college student whose wife is working essentially part time … Continue reading

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Why McCain? Because of the economy

While I believe the economy is a secondary issue in this election, that subject’s dominance of the news over the past several weeks puts it in the forefront of many voters’ minds. The media and Barack Obama would have you believe that Obama is the best candidate to handle the economy and make things better for Americans.

Their claim immediately fails from my view because of their premise. The economy does not belong to the government; therefore, we do not need a president to “handle it”. Further, it is not the government’s role to make things better for Americans but to keep America secure so that we can make our lives better ourselves. […] Continue reading

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