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The Rambling Road: Walking away

Don’t worry: I’m not quitting. No, instead, this blog is about a realization. It’s one I’ve stated here before, yet at least for me, I’ve realized it in a new way. As far as my physical health is concerned, walking … Continue reading Continue reading

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Thoughts from Innisfree on the Stillwater: Some thoughts on the future of agriculture

Yesterday on Facebook, I posted a link to an article on Grist about urban farming. The point of the article was that urban farming is not a panacea for our food production ills, and I made the argument that there … Continue reading Continue reading

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In American politics, at least, underhanded tactics are a time tested way to bully one’s political adversaries into doing what one wants them to do. Barack Obama seems particularly versed in underhandedness, as he once again demonstrated yesterday. The problem, … Continue reading

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Your chance to accept a challenge

Do you have ideas that are just lacking in support to make them happen? It turns out, you might have a chance to find that support through an interesting initiative by the federal General Services Administration called Challenge.gov. The site … Continue reading

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A federal pay freeze only scratches the surface of what needs to be done

Via The Daily Beast, the Wall Street Journal reports that the Obama administration is recommending a two year pay freeze for federal workers as the president’s opening gambit in debt reduction negotiations with Congress. Of course, pay freezes and budget … Continue reading

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