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$1 trillion dollars

Worldview Item of the Day

So, the Congress is one step closer today to forcing us all into decades of indentured servitude to China and the European Union in order to pay back the debt we will incur when we borrow what will likely be $1 trillion to “stimulate” our economy. […] Continue reading

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I heard this morning that the Senate has the cost of the “stimulus” package up to $932 billion. That’s $68 billion short of borrowing a trillion dollars from the Chinese and the European Union and does not include the trillion dollars we already plan to borrow this year because our budget is a trillion dollars over revenue.

The stimulus plan represents $3,106.67 borrowed for every man, woman, and child living in the United States. That’s $7,456 dollars per household. Those amounts are just the principle owed, without any kind of interest applied. […] Continue reading

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Responsible citizens will spend it all

[…] Yes, stimulus plans can work, as long as those being asked to stimulate actually do that thing, which means spending $300 to $1200 sometime late this spring or early summer instead of saving it or paying off debts. […] Continue reading

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