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Venezuela, missiles, and you

A couple of years ago, I wrote a quick vignette titled “A Short History of the Venezuelan Missile Crisis” after rumors began to circulate that Ahmadinejad of Iran and Chavez of Venezuela were working toward military cooperation that could include transfer of … Continue reading

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Non-state actors

The recent release of over 80,000* classified documents by the website WikiLeaks represents what is very likely the largest and most damaging public disclosure of protected information to the public in the history of espionage. The potential damage caused by … Continue reading

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Failure of intellect

Whether opponents of the health care law like it or not, your point of view is being defined in the minds of its supporters by the morons making threats against members of Congress who voted for the bill. Many of … Continue reading

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Speaking of ambition

On the same day that North Korea decided to conduct its second nuclear test, Iran decided to sail six of its warships into international waters, including the strategically important Gulf of Aden, in the continuation of defiant military maneuvers that … Continue reading

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Other conflagrations

It’s hard to believe sometimes, based on the incessant international reporting on the Middle East, that there are things going on in other parts of the world besides the part centered on the Tigris and Euphrates. Yet, as it turns out, the nations of the Pacific Rim are experiencing their own tensions as North Korea threatens to launch its first satellite into orbit and now Japan is threatening to shoot that launch down. […] Continue reading

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