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It starts now

The only way that those of us who believe in Constitutional, limited government are ever going to make what we believe a reality is if we stop making excuses, stop expecting other people to make democracy work, and stop thinking … Continue reading

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Republicans suck!

Now that I have your attention, so do Democrats, Libertarians, and just about every other organized political party out there. This is not some sort of anarchist rant. None of us actually fit into the sometimes ridiculous molds cast as part of … Continue reading

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Something to think about at the polls tomorrow

If you are one of the small fraction of voters, who themselves represent a small fraction of eligible Americans, who vote tomorrow, here are some things to think about while you’re touching screens or punching chads: How did all these … Continue reading

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Why the unmanaged economy works

Worldview Item of the Day

The Economist has a great article up about why the American economy works without overbearing government regulation: the dynamism of a system where people and businesses are allowed to succeed and fail in unending repetition based on opportunity.

The reason the American economy works is the same reason that living beings work. The human body, as an example, is constantly rebuilding itself by killing off malfunctioning cells and structures and replacing them with new cells and structures. In the economy, the failure of businesses creates opportunities for new business or for the growth of businesses in other areas than the ones that have failed. […] Continue reading

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Nuclear Ambitions

Worldview Item of the Day

North Korea has attempted another nuclear test, making this the second time in two-and-a-half years the nation has flaunted its international agreements and attempted to bully the world into doing what it wants.

The problem nations like North Korea and Iran present transcend politics. North Korea is a rouge state, now in possession of nuclear weapons, and I believe, unafraid to use them. […] Continue reading

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