Could “earthing” help us rebalance our charged modern lives?

I’m usually skeptical of the claims of most “naturalistic” cures for things, not because I don’t believe they can work, but because history demonstrates they’re no more of a panacea than modern medicine. Yet, there are some concepts that are so logical and contain such an element of historical veracity that I can’t help but believe they’re true.

Food Renegade‘s recent article on the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? rings with that kind of veracity for me, simply because it speaks to ways humans lived with a great deal of success for thousands of years before now. Basically put, we’re suffering as modern people because we don’t walk barefoot in the grass enough. Does that seem too simplistic? Read the article and see what you think.


2 thoughts on “Could “earthing” help us rebalance our charged modern lives?

  1. I’ve not read the book. However, for years I have been repeating this sentence to anyone who will listen: ‘ Do you know how much people suffer from a lack of connection to the planet?’ I think this is HUGE. It is, however, very hard to convince most people of this, because they think they’re doing just fine, and they have never been barefoot on the grass or the dirt. I find it interesting to speculate on these kinds of things – for instance, its mostly ‘advanced’, western civilizations that are missing this element. The same ones who like to wage war and drill for oil and drive Hummers. It’s no wonder that things are arranged this way, because I am also pretty well convinced that if we were all in contact with our planet, we would ALL care more about what we are doing to it. It’s the distance that allows us to exploit and exploit and then exploit some more.

  2. Connie, I agree. I thing that, as Western society has isolated itself more and more from the nature that feeds, clothes, and shelters it, it has lost connection with the essence of what that nature might be. Those of us who are returning to that lost heritage are discovering things are parents and grandparents forgot or never knew. For us, the idea of exploitation has become one of cooperation. Let’s just hope there are enough of us to save something for future generations.

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