A comment on my terms for scale

Lego has, unfortunately, always been ambiguous in its terminology for scale. For example, the figures that come with the majority of sets are called minifigures, but they call their┬árecent foray into smaller builds mini-builds. Some of these builds include figures of smaller scales than minifigures, called microfigures, thereby creating a difficult naming convention standard. To make matters more complicated, Lego is now releasing sets called micro builds that, sometimes contain “nano” figures made of stacked 1×1 bricks.

For the purposes of my builds, minifigure scale is the standard scale. Bigger builds are then macroscale, and the smaller scales would be mini (approximate to the Lego microfigure scale), micro (approximate to the Lego nanofigure scale), nano (vehicles still able to be represented in bricks), pico (vehicles can no longer be represented), and sub (1×1 representing large structures).

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