Write me in for 2012

It’s hard to believe that, a little over a month ago, we voted in what was one of the biggest transfers in party power in the history of American government. Unfortunately, so far, it looks like the transfer will result in more politics as usual, which is really the last think we need.

What we do need is political leaders who are willing to do the though job and make the hard decisions that could reverse the course the past several decades of decadence has put us on. In my opinion, those leaders will never come out of the established political parties, even the less recognized ones. Instead, the best leaders come from the selection of local people known for their honesty, integrity, and leadership.

Of course, where I am about to go is dangerous, because it assumes a lot about me and about what you might think about me, yet I am willing to go there because I am willing to do what needs to be done:

Here’s the deal: beginning with the 2012 election cycle, if you don’t have any other candidate you believe you can vote for and I can legally fill the office, write me in. I am completely serious about this. If elected, I will serve, and I think I have made my viewpoints very clear on this weblog and elsewhere. I will not campaign for an office because I find the practice as it is carried out today morally reprehensible, but if people elect me to an office, I will fill it.

Further, I pledge here and now, that if I am elected, I will not serve anywhere longer than ten years or two terms (a consideration particular to the US Senate), nor will I endorse a new candidate to replace me. Individual political office should not be a lifelong career, and it is the people’s job to pick who should represent them, and I will abide by that principle.

So, there you go. Write me in if you think I can do the job better than anyone else available. Now you have another choice.