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  1. Recently purchased Tanz. Peaberry – Roast : Light
    Does this come in a dark roast – ?
    Rose & I prefer a dark bold roast

  2. Fred, the Tanzanian is roasted to City +, which is a medium roast that suits that particular bean. It appears lighter in color mostly because East African coffees tend to roast and brew lighter than coffees from other parts of the world due to the climate and soil where they are grown. Peaberry can be roasted darker, but it significantly changes the flavor from what you get at City +. Peaberry roasted to Vienna or Espresso takes on a lot of bitter notes reminiscent of espresso blends (which is why it is often used in such blends or in place of such blends).

    I roast my Mexican Turqueza to Vienna, which is a darker roast than the that fits that bean. The Turqueza is a fuller body coffee than the Tanzanian with hints of chocolate and citrus. I also carry an Espresso Blend that I roast to Vienna.

    If you would like to order darker roasted Tanzanian Peaberry, I can certainly roast it that way for you, but I would need to know ahead of time since I don’t normally roast it that dark.



  3. I’m sorry you received the spam, but it’s odd you received it at all given that I decommissioned that address several years ago. Unfortunately, there is no account for me to check and see if it was hacked.

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